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Teach for Uzbekistan — is an educational non-profit project of a new format for a new generation. We are a vibrant international team of professionals who believe in the power of quality education. Our mission is to create equal opportunities in education for every child for the purpose of a better future and well-being of our society.

The participants in our project are graduates of the best local and international universities in the country. Young, energetic enthusiasts in the field of education have a unique opportunity to undergo specialized retraining, after which they will gain experience as a teachers in regional schools for two years. The project provides participants with stable financial support, support and mentoring from experts from the educational field.
The main goal is to work together, through quality education and innovative methods, to help children throughout the country realize their potential.
Teach for Uzbekistan graduates become part of the community of the international Teach for All network and subsequently discover new career prospects.

New Career Stage

The experience of teaching at a school using a unique methodology is a great way to develop knowledge and professional skills that will certainly be in demand in the future, regardless of how you decide to build your career.

Your Contribution Is Important for the Present and Future of Many

The meaning of the profession is obvious and its value is unconditional. 'Teach for Uzbekistan' is a social project that works and strives to ensure that every child in Uzbekistan has the opportunity to quality education, regardless of place of residence and socio-economic conditions.

Dynamic Learning

'Teach for Uzbekistan' creates an “alternative path” to the teaching profession for university graduates without specialized pedagogical training: thanks to an innovative methodology that effectively works in more than 60 countries around the world, we will quickly and effectively teach you the necessary knowledge and skills.

Support Throughout the Entire Project

We provide monthly financial support for all participants, and program experts will mentor and support you throughout the two-year program.

Friends and Like-minded People

We are creating a community of bright and caring professionals, and leaders in the educational sphere - people with whom you will speak the same language. Involvement in a global, international network as an alumni will increase the opportunities for admission to top universities or employment in the best corporations, and will also create a platform for fruitful development of the fellows own enterpreneural projects .

What might the next two years of your career look like?

 Candidate's Journey

March - June 2024:

Submission of applications for participation in the program 2024-2026. Participation in the online stage of the Recruitment Program

Participation in collective assessment

Stage of offline selection in the Assessment Center

July - August 2024

Participation in the “Summer Institute”: a five-week educational intensive for new program participants

September 2024 - May 2026

Participation in Teach For Uzbekistan program

3 Tasks of the Project

Improving academic results in school education

Reducing the shortage of teachers in regional schools

Implementation of modern teaching practices